Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gone Digital

So it's been a VERY long time since I did anything to my blog let alone posting anything. Of course I never did get on with my plan of completing all those paper craft/ scrap-booking kits as I had intended this site to showcase. Unfortunately, LIFE go it the way! Good ol' John Lennon - "Life is what happens while your busy making other plans". Isn't that the truth!

Well, in the mean time I've managed to figure out how to use my Photoshop program for digital scrapping. Oh, I'm still addicted to scrap supplies except they are much easier to store as digital files! LOL.

I will get around to posting some layouts that I've completed for various challenges at various forums but that all takes time. As it is Christmas time no one has any of that left over.

I've discovered a fun little way to send greetings to your friends. By making digital Tags. These cute low res images can be made with digital scrap elements and saved as png or jpeg. Then you can email them, post them on Facebook or your preferred social media site or used as profile pics, avatars or signatures. 

I really like putting up a tag to say happy birthday rather than just typing the words. Here's a couple I made recently.

I used a freebie kit from Creative Misfits http://creativemisfitscreations.blogspot.com/ a very cool group of ladies.

The one below is made with a freebie kit from Scraps n Crap http://scrapsncrap.blogspot.com/ also a very cool group of ladies.

 The third one I attempted this week was made from another freebie kit from Designs by Leigh Penrod http://heartfeltperfections.blogspot.com/

I really liked the black and white theme.

Anyway, that's the new thing I've found to spend my time on.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kick the Can!

Well, I finally got the kid out of the pool when Dad got back and we headed over to BP's for dinner at 9pm! Yikes, bad parenting. :( On the way back across the parking lot (literally that close to the hotel) the boys started kicking a bottle back and forth all the way back. It reminded me of the warm summer nights when we were kids and had so much more freedom. But alas those days are gone. Oh and they left me to fall on the ice! Well, at least I didn't break anything this time! Oh, believe me you don't know the half of it, yet...

On the way to Edson we grabbed the mail and I had an unexpected package.

Oh, I love it when I get goodies in the mail!! I'm like a little kid at Christmas! What's inside? When did I order this? Where is it from? I see the return address and realize that it's from my cousin in GP and I placed an order with her at the beginning of December for some acrylic stamps from CTMH. So much has happened between then and now that I had completely forgotten about my LAST scrapbook order.

My cousin always makes sure she tells me if I'm close to a deal when I order so I naturally said "Sure if there is  a bonus I'll take it". By now I've almost forgotten what I ordered let alone what the bonus was, CTMH always has really good bonuses!

I love there stamps sets they always have such unique themes. I ordered "New Fallen Snow", "Season of Splendor" and "Festive Frills", I really think the last two are seasonless and can be used in so many ways. I am think of making a wedding or anniversary card with the "Festive Frills" bells, doves make an arch using the boarder and half of the wreath. Hmm... possibilities!!!! Love it!

That's just the beginning! My bonus was the "Felicity Collection" which has beautiful autumn colored 12x12 printed papers, some of which where die-cut. Plus a full size Alphabets stamp set! So nice. I haven't got to the best part yet... She threw in a couple of other little freebies! A mini "Bee" stamp set for valentines day and an EXTRA LARGE Valentines set too. I think she's an enabler. LOL

I have to share the feelings I get when I open one of these packages and smell the ink, paper and acrylics... Ahhhh, I get tingles that start in my fingers and travel all the way up to my spine and down. It's like a really good fix!

Please tell me I'm not the only one? Please tell me there are more addicts out there?

FYI - I got the Thank you card done and I'll post a few pictures when I get home. I for got my camera. I know, I know... Doh!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Next Steps

Well, here it is a week later and what have I accomplished? NOTHING! A big fat nothing!

I guess that's not entirely true but...It feels like it! Arghh!

Okay, I got the layout started for the "Thank You" to Tim Horton's for sponsoring  my son's curling club. I put the pictures on a disk for the club to promote the "Little Rocks" curling program. Kids 8 - 13.

Pretty cool really. Tim Horton's gave them tickets to "Roar of the Rings" (Olympic Qualifiers) and matching turtle necks and fleece vests. Tim's also provided new brooms and sliders for the kids at the club. So any way, they (the kids) approved the layout and I'll put it together and they can all sign the page. Maybe Tim's will frame it and hang it in an office somewhere. At least it shows the kids really appreciate the sponsorship. The kids say "Curling Rocks!" One of my son's jr. coaches (14 years old) curls on more than one team and is going to the provincial's on the same team as one of our cousins. So curling seems to have some young up and comers. My son's team is going to their second bonspeil in a couple of weeks. Last year they took the silver medal and came home with more than it cost to enter. Gotta love it! :)

FYI: Yes, you can get Curling themed scrapbook paper and stamps. Made in Camrose, Alberta. "Scapbooking Heaven" http://www.myscrapbookingheaven.com/ They have very cool acrylic stamps including provincial theme stamp sets like "Alberta" including hay bales, horses, oil derricks, buffalos etc. Yes, they have Newfoundland too.Very good quality and great to work with too.

Ohh! There's the first tip/review, I almost missied it! LOL!

So, our schedule has changed and now I have more courses to prep for than expected and my son and I have been fighting a nasty cold for a week so Blah! Less progress. "Dad" decided we should visit him while he's on the road so we hit the road in the morning to visit him and stay at the hotel with the... now wait for it...every kids dream...A WATER SLIDE! Yay, there's a hot tub for me.

I'm going to take some of the MANY card kits I've acquired over the last year or so and see if I can get 3 cards done. One thank you card (Curling Coach) and Two Valentine's cards (for my boys). Do you think I'm over reaching?? Over extending myself?? Let's hope not!

I'm going to take some pictures of all the packages. YES, they're still in the boxes what did you think, I had EVERYthing put away? LOL!  Then you'll believe the mountain I'm about to climb.

More news later.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How I was Hooked!

About 6 years ago I was introduced to a magical world of stickers, glitter and beautiful paper where I could show case my photos and document my family’s history. I’ll NEVER forgive that woman! Because now I’m addicted!

All my life I have been what is called “crafty”. I’ve dabbled in everything from tissue paper flowers and macramé in the 70’s to ceramics, sketching and painting in the 80’s and knitting and crochet in the 90’s (I even had a knitting machine!). Then I got married and all of a sudden I had soooo much less free time and no space where I could create. Much of my friends (wool, patterns and various glue, paints and pretty things) remained in boxes. Then along came my son (my reason for living!) and I now had NO free time. Years passed and my friends remained in boxes. My family needed me more and before I knew what was happening my skills disappeared and so did my identity. My friends and I grew further and further apart.(I can’t even thread my sewing machine any more!)

So there I was a drift in life being “the wife, mother and career woman” but no longer being "Marlie the crafty". I was lost and unhappy.

Then one day, at my son’s soccer game, we moms were sitting on the sidelines and chatting about nothing specific when I said to “ Bad Influence”,  (We’ll call her that for now. She is really the mother of one of my son’s teammates and best friends to this day.)  “What is “Creative Memories”? ( It was printed on the cushion she was sitting on at the time.) “Well, let me tell you about the company…. And that was it I was hooked.

I booked a “class” and invited everyone that I thought would be interested and I was so excited. My mother and her friend showed up out of the 22 people I invited. Okay, so whatever! I just wanted to see the magic. After the prerequisite “presentation” we started playing with the paper, cutting systems and photos. I wanted more, I wanted to spend every waking moment making and discovering and I just couldn’t get enough. That was probably the largest 1 person party order she had ever had!

Still there was never enough time or space. So more friends we relegated to boxes. I found beautiful organizers and storage cases to put them in and I lovingly sorted and organized them. I pulled them out before Christmas and whipped up a few albums intended to make the grand folk cry. (It worked) I went to one weekend crop and almost finished my honeymoon album and that was it. Oh I discovered card making so we (my son and I) would make cards at birthdays and holidays but even that fell by the way side because of a shortage of time and space.

Running a household, building a full-time career (in a man’s profession) and building a company in that same industry doesn’t leave much time for anything else. At the end of the day I didn’t have much energy or inclination to “do” or “create” anything so I shopped online and planned all those projects that I would make someday...

“Ohhh! I have to have that for the school days album and the fishing signs and stickers for the fishing albums I’m going to make for so many relatives.”  I would exclaim; “That’s such a good deal! I’m sure I will need those.” etc, etc, etc. Next thing I knew I had so many boxes of friends I barely remembered them all. I started buying the same things over and not even knowing.

“How sad!” you say? Yes well it is and that is what addiction can do! I was now in it for the hunt! The best deal and price, eBay? Addicted too..? scrap booking.com? paper wishes? Oh my crafts? Where would it be?  Who has the best deal on shipping? Is it USD or CAD?

My mistakes will end up benefiting you in the end. Sales or Contests we’ll see how things play out...

But I digress, the point is I now have my scrap room! Custom cabinets,  endless counter space and drawers, drawers and more drawers! I still don't have much time but I'm learning how to MAKE time.

So, I’m finally getting moved in and going to start all those projects that I bought all the supplies for and as I complete them I’ll post the pictures here along with reviews of the various products and tools I use.  (Including this blog, I've never blogged before either and this looked like one of the most popular and simplistic to run).
I can’t really believe that I’m going public with this but I guess it’s a therapy of sorts. This has been building for a while and “The Julie and Julia Project” finally pushed me over the edge. So, here we go! It could be a roller coaster so if your up for the ride lets go! Did I mention I love food and cooking too? Another story and another blog! LMAO!

I was pretty good at everything I tried but never found one thing that captivated my attention in the way scrap booking and paper crafting. So lets see how well I can follow through! :)